"The mysterious Mez is a netizen who, rumor has it, lives in Wollongong Australia, but whose presence is felt world wide via her e-mails to various web art and culture lists, and her remixes of these e-mails (along with additional text) into literary works in web form. Mez's style, which makes liberal use of square brackets and other punctuation to divide words at their linguistic joints and offer multiple possible recombinations, is more than just superficial strangeness. Her years of practice at the keyboard (I have read her chat that she averages something like six hours a day in e-mail and other networked writing) have developed her into a deeply skilled stylist with a unique and intelligent relationship to written language......

Mez's writing rips out of the screen from the first instant and never looks back. It is a refreshing reminder that we are free to forego the tired preambles and summaries and careful tropes and conventional scaffolding of writing and plunge right into the beautiful, awful heart of language --- the way we do in our most intimate e-mails and most secret journals. Mez's writing earns the highest accolade from other writers --- imitation. Mez's style (she calls it Mezangelle) is infectious, and it would be no surprise to see it attract other practitioners, in the same way that music styles (Reggae, Techno) gather adherents and become movements."

- Rob Wittig's curatorial statement in START HERE> An exhibition of electronic literature curated by 7 Chicago electronic writers and digital artists for the Version>02 Festival at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.