"...Multimedia artist Mary Anne Breeze, working under the nom-de-plume MEZ, has invented a recombinant idiolect called mezangelle in her attempt to short-circuit and bypass received processes of meaning-making. In a screen titled “n.sert yr narrative curve” she describes the potential reader (THE CONT.ROLL.O][VE][R) as follows: “[able to sing the spilt, open mouthed with sac][culuar][ks of spooned sugar N.structs, the song prefabricated, melting M.mitted p][redictable][atterns]”. The reader becomes part of the flow of interaction between man and machine, an infinitely folding surface oscillating between different rhythms and time frames..."
-Theodoros Chiotis

-From Stress Fractures: Essays on Poetry: David Barnes, David Caddy, Theodoros Chiotis, Tom Chivers