"Mez Breeze, an Australian-based internet artist, developed an artsy, poetic language called mezangelle. The language is composed of hybrid words combining various elements of code and informal speech. The linked page uses mezangelle in combination with what can be called its visual equivalents, edited combination images that utilize elements of the human body. The page scrolls from right to left allowing the viewer to read the images and mezangelle fragments in manner that heavily relies on individual interpretation as the eye jumps from one element to another. The format used to display the hypertext poetry brings to mind Chinese scroll narratives. These paper scrolls allow the viewer to linger over images and phrases and progress to either previous or upcoming sections at free will. _ID_xor.cism, however, takes elements of that free will away forcing the viewer to keep up the scrolling text and imagery. As to the title's implication, I'll leave that up to you."

-liz g from Responsive Arts