"netwurker makes me wonder if Derrida predicted text msging and twitter-speak."

-Jonny Gray 


"In the past few years, maybe just 2, I’ve seen a surge in creative activity around hypertext and hypertextual narratives that I had long given up hope on. New works, new software platforms, new literacies seem to be bursting from every corner. The IF community, long working in a kind of subterranean artspace, has fueled many of these developments, but they are not alone.
To offer a few examples: Look at Erik Loyer’s recent collaboration on the interactive graphic novel Upgrade Soul collaboration with Ezra Claytan Daniels and Alexis Gideon. Look at the return of hypertext pioneer Judy Malloy with her new work “From Ireland with Letters.” Look at Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell’s collaboration “The Dead Tower.”"

-Mark Marino,  Afternoon’s Legacy.