"...Mez reaches into the very structure of the word, creating an entire para-language, called "m[ez]ang.elle," which is readable by readers of English, but only at the cost of a dramatically slowed reading speed. She organizes textual performances which she designates as e-mail trawling, hacker attacking, open source kode poetri, or electronic channeling. Though this work uses many of the devices of so-called L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry, fluid spacing, bracketing, and ambiguous punctuation to obtain a simultaneity of reference that tests fixed neuronal patterns, it also tests these, simultaneously, through choreographed and random kinetic oscillations of the Web environment, re-converting the process of reading to a process of action, perhaps somewhat akin to what oral cultures undertook when print first spread through them."

- Stephanie Strickland, from "Dali Clocks: TIME DIMENSIONS OF HYPERMEDIA", at Digital Arts and Culture Conference, Norway 00.