From: "Lisa Singh"
Subject: RE: trAns-late-ion in prog.[w]ress[+le]
i spent some time this morning hunting down some of the internet sights where mez's work is highlighted. what prompted my hunt was a walk throughthe archives and a discussion sue started on programmer poets. i had already been fascinated with mez's creativity and unique construction of words into symbols. what is exciting is how much is being done with words and how it changes or enhances meaning.
for example, the word progress is represented as prog.[w]ress[+le}]. This is accurate for us, the readers, in that in the translation which is being referred to we do have to wrestle with the meaning. notice how the w and +le are in brackets indicated that they add hidden meaning to the word, yet remain silent in pronunciation. so that two ideas are being conveyed at the same time.
other examples:
interactions = intrACTions with emphasis on the act which is what interactions are -- actions between two individuals. so that the visual presentation of the word imparts as much meaning as the word itself.
imagination = image.innate.I.On which in my interpretation is an image
which is translated innately when we put our I or ourselves On it.
not all of the words lend themselves to multiple layers of meaning easily or at all. but the mere presence of the layers in other words makes
translation fun and exciting. it also stimulates the mind to discovery.