"Mez's ID.xorcism, written in her by now famous "mezangelle" language shows us one more time the possibility to use the Net as a non-linear reading tool and that coding can be artistically and culturally oriented, through its creative re-interpretation. _ID.Xorcism_ is a project that flows in front of us, and we have to run after it without the possibility to "own it", a rapid creative flux that goes beyond, "passes us", exactly when we try to stop it to understand it.....A seductive game made of many multiple cyborgs.
_ID.Xorcism_ is a playful experiment too. It's about the idea of identity as fixed, unique and unchanging, that is neutralized (Identity.eXorcism?) in many other possible ways of appearing more fluid and displaced, more sensuous, slippery and mirror of our time."

- Tatiana Bazzichelli, jury member of 2006 Site Specific Award.