"A future art...would definitely be an art of code. Already today within the field of so-called “net art” we can see attempts which point in this direction. The “codeworks” (to borrow a term by Alan Sondheim) by Netochka Nezvanova (or: NN, integer, antiorp), mez, Jodi and others focus their/our attention on the “raw” program code which our increasingly digitized working and living environment is based upon. As in the future...it is important to realize that it’s not the glossy surfaces but rather the underlying program code which has performative properties. One could assume the existence of two texts, a “phenotext” and a “genotext”, when talking about the properties of graphical interfaces. The surface effects of the phenotext, i.e. moving texts, are generated and controlled by other underlying “effective” texts, programming codes or source texts..."

-Inke Arns, Berlin, in _An Art Yet Unknown: Art Will Be Code, Or It Will Not Be_ written for the Anthology of Art [Jochen Gerz] and organized by the School of Visual Arts of Braunschweig (Germany) and the University of Rennes (France)