"The Australian codeworker Mez has developed a distinctive prose style that she calls mezangelle…Rather than link discrete blocs of text, or “lexias”, to each other, Mez introduces the hypertext principle of multiplicity into the word itself. Rather than produce alternative trajectories through the text on the hypertext principle of “choice,” here they co-exist within the same textual space.

The interest of Mez’s writings is not limited to this distinctive approach to the text. While the words split and merge on the screen, the authoring “avatar” behind them is also in a state of flux. Texts issue, in various forms in various places, from data[h!bleeder, Phonet][r][ix, netwurker, and many other heteronyms…At the heart of the codeworking enterprise is a call for a revised approach to language itself."

-McKenzie Wark in _Codework_ [American Book Review, Sept/Oct 2001]