"Is it possible to define parameters, to navigate precise coordinates for exactly what mez's hypertextual layering 'means' any more than what Finnegans Wake 'means'? Of course not.....the intertextualities are themselves the body, they are not representations of some transcendent order beyond themselves, they are just, gloriously, themselves, live. incarnation: Nabokov's Ada and Van are their own texts. Here's where the intertextuality of the net both thwarts and enriches epistemology. It's not that we can engineer a kind of knowing like scientific 'truth' via the technologies of the net. The kinds of knowing, or epistemologic, constructs capable of flourishing in this simultaneous noplace-land are creations of our own play. Thus to me the technobody of a netart work is a delicious double memory package, it is the me of MEZ: "me" goes to "z" (z=ultimate alphabet)."

-Christina McPhee, Moderator of Empyre Mailing List