"Mez Breeze's new book is called "Human Readable Messages." So perhaps a distinction needs to be made between human-readable glitches and machine-readable glitches. Human-readable glitches are media glitches -- they occur when humans are communicating to humans through machines which mediate this communication. Human-readable glitches don't freak machines out. But neither do machine-readable glitches. Machine-readable glitches may crash machines, but that doesn't freak machines out, because machines have no sentient expectation of "normal." Machines lack the ability to have an uncanny experience. So to limit the discussion of glitches to events that only happen within machinic systems, glitches which never run on or involve human bodies, is to talk about something quite limited. Because a machine can't know or experience a glitch. Only a human can."

- Curt Cloninger, "glitch device/divide".