"In Mez's work, the digital poet combines code and language to create, what she calls, mezangelle. She uses mezangelle throughout her...hypertext pieces called Datableeding... Upon the entry of Datableeding one is faced with the option of going through the poetic journey in chronological order or starting with a number and theme...Starting with the Electroduction, the user is asked to type in a secret name and then the journey begins. This is where the user gets to see the mezangelle in action...A real test for the brain occurs once the user clicks on one of the hyperlinks inside the box of .THE CON.SOUL.E...the user is presented with a poetic set of words that disappear once the cursor is moved over a different name section and yet again the text is completely changed to reveal a different meaning. In next section Cloh!neing god N Angel-z the user is stimulated with audio and visual of images of angles being copied onto the screen as if being scanned by a copy machine."

- Keith Whittaker in Media Art Histories and Genealogies.