"...Then, a new BOOK was born - the ‘information superhighway’. It was revolutionary, but familiar; made of ‘pages’ and ‘folds’, ‘lines’ and ‘text’, it brought new multimedia forms of communicating, playing and storytelling. New Media Artists, such as Sean Cubitt, Michael Joyce and Mez Breeze experimented with temporality and structure, with interactivity and interface, and honoured the reader’s role in making story...Artists, gamers and codeworkers recognised that ‘highway’ was a poor analogy for the internet, because it was not a logistics link between two points, but a complex human-dimensional map of connections."

- From "Editing Outside the Box" by Selena Hanet-Hutchins. Presented at "Editing Across Borders": the 6th IPEd National Editors Conference 2013, April 10th - 12th in Perth, Western Australia.