"I cannot help but to think of Netwurker Mez, whose primary coding language, Mezangelle, is used to create code-poetry that typically does not compile. The plethora of literary techniques invoked in Mezangelle make her work particularly accessible to people whose backgrounds tend to be less on the programming side of CCS. I like to think of her coding practices as closely related to obfuscation, though more in the literary sense than functional sense, if you subscribe to that dichotomy.

For non-coders who are intimidated by the second C in CCS, or anyone unfamiliar with Mez's work, I suggest testing the waters with some examples of interpretive readings that have been performed on Mez's code-poetry. Rita Raley has performed a very insightful reading on Mez's work. Another interesting reading of Mezangelle...can be found here."

-Max Feinstein, HASTACH Code Critiques CCS Forum