“...common practice - a series of curated events that wants to use an “unpredictable cobbling together of texts, poetry, people, code, language, Wiki, chat, conversations etc” to create new texts...some more about what the event entails:

The reading groups that make up common practice will take place in June and September. You are invited to read, write, tinker with and intervene in the literary and theoretical texts and poetry together with others through the simple-to-use online tools. You can join us in the Reading Room at Arnolfini or online and via Skype (contact: common practice).

common practice references the widespread and increasingly familiar activity of using online tools in everyday to communicate, contact, work, socialise, play, research, be entertained, etc. The practice embodies the curiosity to experience ways in which human and machine skills and abilities perform together.

More importantly, however, common practice also refers to the fact that it is done in common – together with others. Thus it is social space of knowledge materialised through co-labour, codeworking and language.

The first session will open with mez breeze’s mezangelle poems, written in a blend of code and language, and we will be practising a simultaneous reading-writing reworking of these texts to experience their language-code operations during the event.

-From Open source poetries by Jeroenn.