"Art on Twitter: yes, but is it twart?
Twitter has invaded every corner of society – even Yoko Ono's at it.

Cynics will chirp that Twitter is just another in a long line of fads providing new ways to market, promote and generally whore oneself to the world. The rest of us might ask whether artists who Twitter are grinding away at some of those elitist notions about the way art is created (in private studios) and for who (the very few who can afford to buy it).

Can following an artist as they create a new work democratise art or simply demystify the creative process behind it – or both? One week and a lot of tweets later, I've compiled a who's who of the twart world....

New Media Scotland is dedicated to engaging artists and audiences through (you guessed it) new media. Its programme of Twart residencies has seen code poetry from @Netwurker, micro-fiction from Hannu Rajaniemi and a micro-serialised story from writer Charlotte Allan."

Ruth Jamieson investigates the rise of the twartists